Lefkada is the island of poets, of colours , of light and life. The famous architect and archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld has strongly claimed until the end of his life, that Lefkas is the the Homer’s Ithaca, the homeland of Odysseus wandering for 10 years, since the end of the Trojan War, before he could return to the rugged coastlines and emerald waters of his island.

Nature has treasured Lefkas with 117 km of white coastline, a mountain range of stubborn beauty and green hills descending to dive in the blue sea. Nestled in the beauty, picturesque towns built in wood and stone, according to ancient architectural tradition.

Having as a starting point the furnished apartments “Anthia’s Garden” in the heart of the Venetian olive grove , discover the beauty of the island will be for you ,an unforgettable experience . Discover the east coast with the islands of the archipelago including Scorpios of the Greek tycoon Aristotelis Onassis who chose it in order to create his personal paradise and get to swim in the famous beaches of Porto Katsiki, of Kathisma, of Eggremni ,of Saint John ,of the Mills, along the west coast that will leave you in amazement for so much wild beauty.

Lefkas, in recent decades has become a meeting place for many personalities of the artistic, political, financial world and home to thousands of other tourists from around the world.



Anthias Garden is located 2 km far from the main city of Lefkas and 1 km far from the outstanding beach of Agios Ioannis.


Natural beauty

The establishment is surrounded by olive trees and plants. You will explore and discover Greek natural beauty!



In Anthias Garden you will find a warm and friendly environment to spend your summer vacations.